Out of School Hours Care

Braeview OSHC, Out of School Hours Care is a quality service which meets the needs of children, parents, caregivers and the community before and after school hours as well as the term breaks.

Our Educators are there to guide and mentor the children and are all dedicated to enriching the physical, emotional and social wellbeing of all children in their care. This is achieved by providing a nurturing environment for children school aged 4-13 years, in a safe, friendly and supportive environment. Every child is treated as an individual where respect, curiosity, initiative and self esteem are fostered; children are also encouraged to take responsibility for their own actions.

Open Hours & Fees

Before School Care  $13
7am to 9am

After School Care  $25
Monday- 3.00pm-6.30pm
Tuesday- 2.15pm-6.30pm  School Finishes 2.20pm
Wednesday- 3.00pm-6.30pm
Thursday - 3.00pm-6.30pm
Friday- 3.00pm-6.30pm

Vacation Care  
7am – 6.30pm: $50/ per child/ per Full Day / Excursion & Incursion
7am-1pm / 1pm-6.30pm: $25/ Per child/ Half Day /Inhouse Only

Child Care Benefit
Child Care Rebate
Job Education Training
Discount may apply through Centrelink / % off fees

Further Information

OSHC educators foster the development of life skills, where resilience and respect is developed through strong positive social interactions during play and learning in a recreational setting. Braeview OSHC follows the NQS National Quality Standards that is regulated with the National School Aged Care frame work, My Time Our Place, which outlines that the OSHC environment is a rich learning opportunity and is fundamentally important to the development of children.

Before School Care- OSHC provides breakfast every morning. Breakfast has a rotating weekly menu, toast with spread and fruit juice are offered every morning.  Raisin toast and smoothies, savoury muffins, healthy pancakes with only the natural sugar in the fruit on top, cereal, and muesli are all on the menu. OSHC aim to promote children starting off the day with breakfast- food for the brain, to give the children the energy for a big day at school.

After School Care- OSHC provide afternoon tea, a large variety of healthy seasonal snacks- fruit and vegetable pieces cut, whole grain bread with either  jam, vegemite, mud (nut/egg  free chocolate spread), cream cheese spreads on bread cut and served, crackers and a prepared extra snack is also offered ever afternoon after school for each child to choose from.

A sport/physical activity is offered in the afternoon from playground(s), oval, activity room, outdoor courts or handball under the OSHC shelter which children can play on. A community sport provider from Active After School Sports, AASS also presents a sport for 7 weeks of a term for all children. Generally children under 7 are “too young” to participate in school sporting teams but this way children learn new skills, gain confidence, ball handling skills and encourages team play. AASS is for all ages and skill levels and allow all children to get out, have a go and have fun.

Inside play - OSHC provides colouring in sheets, play dough, board and card games, Lego and Loom bands are all available for the children so they can play, decorate, build and focus with these fine motor activities. Self expression is used with the use of the white board and art and craft, box construction and Tech Deck play. Children interacting with peers and Educators is an ongoing social learning experience.  To relax we have a TV to watch DVD’s on and computers to play, both only after 5pm on school days. OSHC also has a sensory area a place to go to feel comfortable and secure. A large variety of toys and dolls are available for free play at any time.

Vacation Care – OSHC provides Care in the School Holidays, closed on public holidays and two weeks over Christmas. The children go on age appropriate excursions by bus and incursions / inhouse activities brought to OSHC to entertain the kids as well as in-house days were a variety of exciting activities are organised for the children’s leisure.

Contact Details

OSHC - 8387 5063
School Fax (OSHC) - 83812388
Email - oshc.braeview948@schools.sa.edu.au
Director – Sue Gillett
Assistant Director- Amanda Buck