Jump Rope

Braeview School R-7 is proud of our prestigious Jump Rope For Heart Demonstration Team.

Jump Rope for Heart Demonstration Team20 elite skippers make up our team and the selection process in first term is fierce and fun, with over 100 students attending.

The Braeview Jump Rope For Heart Demonstration team assists the Heart Foundation by visiting primary schools to promote an awareness of factors contributing to Heart Disease and demonstrating fun skipping activities for maintaining physical activity, fitness and good health.

Team work is vital and our Jump Rope For Heart Demonstration Team trains twice a week, rehearsing their skills and complex routines.

The team's spectacular 6 minute Championship Routine is the highlight of their demonstration routine and is also showcased on special occasions such as assemblies, mini fete and Carols Night.

In November The Braeview Jump Rope for Heart Team enters the State Championships, and has achieved many awards over their years of competition.